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    we need development, we want our society turn to that of USA, UK for the future of our near generation to born, how far have we achieve this target? Nigeria politic is who defects, who spent must in buying estate all over the world, how must they left for their children to waste etc. Nigerian politicians must be rational in decision making.

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      It is almost impossible for our country to achieve the level of development of the countries you mentioned. Why? Because of lack of planning. Lack of vision. Corruption. Office holders’ ineptitude. Inability of politicians to work together for the good of the society. Politicians wanting to become governor at all cost even when they lack the ability to govern. Practice of BLAMING others for anything wrong in the society. Etc.

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    The purported “quote” by the former Gov. Imoke that Cross River state “cannot afford to be in the opposition!” is out of context. I do not believe that Imoke was urging people to decamp from PDP to APC.

    Where and when did Imoke make the statement that is being quoted here?


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