UNICAL Partners CalaPharm For Cultivation Of Medicinal Plant

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The University of Calabar yesterday entered into a research and development collaboration with Calapharm Nigeria Ltd, a wholy owned Cross River State Pharmaceutical Company situated along the Goodluck Jonathan Bye-pass, Calabar.

Explaining the terms of the collaboration during a visit to the Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Farhan Ahmad Khan, a Pakistani Consultant/Manager of the company, said, the deal will help UNICAL to genetically modify Artemisia Annua for local production.

He said the partnership will involve the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan and Anamed International EV as research partners for genetic modification and cultivation of medicinal plant Artemisia Annual in Nigeria.

Responding, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpagu, expressed profound gratitude to Mr. Khan for the opportunity to extend the frontiers of research in genetic modification by making UNICAL a center of excellence in this regard.

He promised to mobilize all the stakeholders concerned to get involved in the collaboration.

He told Mr. Khan that the collaboration would be approved in principle and that a meeting of the various departments involved would be convened immediately to begin full-scale negotiations.

Also yesterday, the contractor for the Ultra-modern Unical Medical Center, TABUCHIPAT, took over the project site and promised to begin work immediately.

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  • Watch out, another Ayade troll is on the loose, again. You don’t get it do you. Setting up industries, firms, farms, etc. has never been successfully executed by any government, irrespective of where, what or who says otherwise. It is the root cause of corruption, nepotism and all the inefficiencies in the Nigerian system often referred to as crony capitalism. The basic tenets of good governance are the protection of individual rights and property, provision of an enabling environment and a fair playing field for businesses to strive. All the government needs to do is to unleash the entrepreneurial sprit of the people. Any other undertaking is often a red herring or a costly waste of time and resources, except it’s for selfish motives. A successful government by it’s very nature must be a serious business, it cannot/should not be a philanthropy. Ayade is nothing but a narcissist, who is hell-bent on laying the foundation for securing a second term electoral victory, and his eventual acclaim as the best governor or emperor of CRS.

  • After they will say ayade is not working. From garment factory, to calapharm, to rice city farm,to deep sea port, to super highway. I totally support ayade drive to fully industralize the state. My earnest prayer is for this laudable ideas to be realized in record time. God bless the governor and his team and God bless the wonderful, lovely and hospitable people of cross river state.

    • i so much love my state cross river and will always work and pray hard for it to succeed and abound in wealth and prosperity. Because a wealthy cross river state translates to a wealthy Agana. And God bless every other person that also praying for the growth and progress of the state.

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