“Those Who Sold Bakassi’ll Pay Dearly For it” — Bakassi Freedom Fighter
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“Those Who Sold Bakassi’ll Pay Dearly For it” — Bakassi Freedom Fighter

by crossriverwatch admin

One of the Bakassi youths who survived the onslaught of government over their stiff resistance of handing over the oil-rich Peninsula, Ete-Obong Umo popularly known as Worldwide Freedom Fighter of Bakassi has told those who had anything to do with the ceding of the island to the Cameroon to get prepared as they will dearly pay for it.

Speaking to crossriverwatch in Calabar, Cross River State, Sunday, Umo who was a close associate to the leader of Bakassi Freedom Fighters, Tony Ene that was killed few days to the handing over of Bakassi said, “ As a Freedom Fighter, I’m not afraid to say that Bakassi was sold out by some individuals within the corridors of power.

“Some individuals that took part in giving out our land for whatever reasons will pay dearly for this heinous crime. Those set of people are still coming on air to shed crocodile tears. In fact, their parochial point of view is just to win cheap political point, leaving the substance and chasing the shadows.”

In an interview with the British broadcasting Corporation, BBC, monitored by crossriverwatch, he had said that the Bakassi issue was likened to day and night and that with the situation on ground, “Bakassi shall never be inhabited neither shall it be dwelled from generation to generation.”

Umo who said that the statement had spiritual connotation, further threatened, “I am going to embark on a one man squad peaceful demonstration to protest against this crime against humanity in a couple of days. I want to tell the whole world that now that they have succeeded, they should settle Cross River State in perpetuity.

He described the ICJ ruling as deceitful and criminal saying that the idea of transferring their ancestral land to Cameroon was a slap on the faces of the people of Bakassi and Nigeria as a nation.

“It goes to say that Nigeria government has failed to protect the people of Bakassi and the territorial integrity of the nation which the government swore to uphold,” he said and called on the United Nations to conduct a plebiscite for the people to decide where to belong.