2015: Cross River North Insists on Producing Next Governor
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2015: Cross River North Insists on Producing Next Governor

Dr. Mathias Offoboche, Former Deputy Governor, Cross River State

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Dr. Mathias Offoboche, Former Deputy Governor, Cross River State
Dr. Mathias Offoboche, Former Deputy Governor, Cross River State

As political events unfold rapidly in Cross River State, political top wigs and stakeholders from the Cross River North Senatorial District have insisted on producing the state governor in the 2015 general election.

Speaking at an interactive session of the Northern Cross River Coalition in Calabar on Saturday, former deputy governor of the state, Dr Matthias Offoboche, insisted that the decision on zoning must be maintained in order to ensure peace and equity.

Dignitaries present at the event included Senator Ben Ayade, Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr. Larry Odey, member representing Ogoja-Yala constituency in the House of Representatives, Dr Rose Oko, member in the board of Niger Delta Development Commission, Mr. Paul Adah, musician Sunny Neji, amongst others.

According to Offoboche, but for the peaceful resolution of the PDP that the position be zoned to the north, the state would have been tearing apart ahead of the 2015 election. “We approached Governor Imoke two years ago to zone the governorship to the north, he promised and kept faith. But for this peaceful resolution, the state may be tearing apart. We have been worked to produce the next governor and we are qualified for it”.

Various speakers were given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the five LGAs making up the zone, namely: Ogoja, Bekwarra, Yala, Obudu and Obanliku.

Prof. Maurice Iji, who spoke on behalf of the academia, said the issue of the old Ogoja Accord, the basis upon which some politicians had argued that power should come back to the southern district, was a moribund agreement.

He urged politicians to always partner with the academia so as to ensure speedy development of the state.

Senator Ayade argued that the decision of Imoke to zone the slot to the north was unique, adding that it was the duty of stakeholders in the region to ensure that a credible candidate emerged.

The interactive session produced a communiqué containing their demands and was later submitted to Governor Imoke by a delegation.

Below is the full text of the communique and signatories:


1st OF FEBRUARY,2014

We the people of northern senatorial District of Cross River State,met on the 1st of February, 2014 at channel view Hotels to appraise the administration of Senator LiyelImoke as it has affected the lives and well being of our people,and wish to express utmost satisfaction with the Imoke-led administration along these lines;

1. The safety of lives and properties in the state and the stability of the polity under his watch which has led to the growth and development of the economyhas been exemplary.

2. The appointment of our Sons and Daughters into high profile national offices such as: (a)Executive Secretary National Planning Commission,(b)Member Niger Delta Development Commission,(c)Member Revenue Mobilization,Allocation and Fiscal Commission,(d)Member National Population Commission,and (e) Chairman Cross River State Subsidy Re-investment Programme(SURE-P) among others as well as the strong representation given our Sons and Daughters in his cabinet.

3. The unprecedented infrastructural development across the entire state, of which the northern senatorial district has had its fair share.

4. The role His Excellency played in the zoning of the Governorship position to the northern senatorial district by our great party the PDP, thus satisfying the age old yearnings of our people to produce a governor of cross river state.

As the result of the afore stated,we the people of northern cross river senatorial district are united,and hereby, firmly seek the support of other senatorial district in order to produce a governor who will sustain the legacies of the present administration.We thus solicit the continued support of His Execellency to enable us achieve this.

1. Chief (Dr.) Mathias Offoboche (OON)
2. Chief Linus E.Okom (OON)
3. Rev. (Dr.) Walter Eneji
4. Prof. Ben Ayade
5. Hon. (Dr.) Rose Oko
6. Rt. Hon. Frank Adah
7. Rt. Hon. Larry Odey
8. Rt. Hon. Paul Adah
9. Chief John Odey
8. Barr. Idi Baba Yakubu
9. Barr. Fidelis Ugbo
10. Mrs. Martina Odom
11. Hon. OganaLukpata
12. Hon. Steve Ukpuken
13. Hon. AgajiIdagu
14. Hon. Moses Ocheche
15. Rt. Hon. Paddy Uguge
16. Hon. Mike Usibe
17. Hon. Rita Ayim
18. Hon. Emma Ugbe
19. Hon. Jerry Ashua
20. Hon. Augustine Ushie
21. Mrs, Theresa Ezama
22. Hon.(Barr.) Fidel Egoro
23. Amos Abua
24. Mrs. Francisca Oniga
25. Grace Ashikem
26. Surv.OblechorAgu
27. Moses Bisua-Kafe
28. EgbungOdama
29. Barr. Barth Izato
30. Barr. LegorIdagbo
31. Chief Mike U. Aniah
32. Dr. Tom Ogar.
33. Hon. Clement Akwaji
34. Chief Peter Ojie
35. Dr. Peter Oti
36. Mr. Patrick Ugbe
37. Mr. Jude Ngaji
38. Surv. Ralph Uche
39. Hon. John Eyikwaji
40. Mr. Julius Agrinya
41. Mr. Gerald Adah
42. Sen. Greg Ngaji
43. Sen. Musa Adede
44. Sen. Kanu G. Agabi
45. Rt. Hon. Peter Igbodor
46. Rt. Hon. Gabe Edi
47. Mr. Cletus Agoye
48. Mrs. Josephine Ushie
49. Mrs. Stella Odey
50. Dorn ClaimzEnamhe
51. Hon. Mike Ogar
52. Mr. Hubert Ogar
53. Mr. Mathew Efenji
54. Hon. Emmanuel Agbaragba
55. Mr. Godwin Iyala
56. Mr. Patrick Egbede
57. Barr. AgabiOko
58. Barr. Mark Enamhe
59. Dr. Francis Ntamu
60. Dr. Godwin AfenEnya
61. Dr. Thomas U. Ugan
62. Dr. Peter Mogbang
63. Mr. Celestine Nchor
64. Mr. Mike Eyare
65. Chief Mathias Akeh
66. Chief AbekeBashel
67. Mr. Isaac Ishamali
68. Chief Tony Undiandeye
69. Mr. Paul Udayi
70. Mr. Emmanuel Ogar
71. Barr. Daniel Urubulem
72. Dr. Augustine Ogogo
73. Barr. Pius Ufada
74. Barr. Magnus Anya
75. Mrs. Joseph Ukpong
76. Barr. David Amiye
77. Ntunkae Mary Theresa Ikwen
78. Mr. Hans Ori
79. Rev. Joseph Utsu
80. Mr. Tobias Ishiere
81. Barr. Emmanuel Ubua
82. Mr. Gibson Agu
83. Dr. Mike Ushie
84. Chief Charles Abuo
85. Barr. Leo Aggrey
86. Sir. Brian Ekpang
87. Mr. Francis Matika
88. Chief Francis Bulem
89. Mr. JarigbeAgomJarigbe
90. Ms. LizzyOgbudu
91. Mr. IgbeAruku
92. Mr. OkoInaku
93. Barr. Idi Yakubu
94. Mr. John Inaku
95. Mr. P. C. Okim
96. Mr. Dean Out
97. Mr. John Ulafor
98. Mr. Odo Emmanuel Odo
99. Mrs. Mary Iji
100. Hon. Tom Agi
101. Mr. William O. Ogbudu
102. Mr. Gabe Onah
103. Mr. Joe Agida
104. Mr. John Ikogor
105. Mr. Steven Ogbaji
106. Hon. Dan Ugbama
107. Barr. Godwin Offiono
108. Mrs. Cecilia Emeka
109. Mr. Austin Egere
110. Philomena Ihieje
112. Ignatius AdidaAgabi
113. Augustine Agba
114. Thomas UkoAruku
115. Hon. Edi Achi
116. Joseph Emeka
117. Bridget Ushie
118. Barr. John Orim
119. Hon. Pius Awa
120. Hon. Agabi E. Efenji
121. Hon. Ben Ambe
122. Hon. Ebi John Makpan
123. Hon. Linus Ede
124. Hon. Gabe IdaguUgor
125. Hon. Emma Ikwen
126. Hon. Moses Oko
127. Amb. Edi Agbe
128. Mr. Julius Okputu
129. P. k. Bello
130. Dr. Francis Damachi
131. Mr. Chris O. Ogaidang
132. Hon. Charles Eneji
133. Chief IgbajiMonkom
134. Lady Cecilia Ally
135. Hon. Victor Agwu
136. Hon. Mrs Ann Ugbo
137. Hon. Elizabeth Adie
138. AgnessAtsu
139. Dr. Ferdinand Okey
140. Barr. Barth Izato

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    Let the North have it this time period!

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    I think Mr.Julius Okputu should be giving the chance by northerns

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