Cross River Juju Politicians, Wasted Years, And The Future of Democracy BY OBASESAM OKOI
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Cross River Juju Politicians, Wasted Years, And The Future of Democracy BY OBASESAM OKOI

by crossriverwatch admin

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The political class in our constituency is dominated by “Juju politicians,” men who consult with occultist powers, necromancy and all sorts of demonic manipulations to stay in power. History will not vindicate our generation if we continue trading our political destiny with “juju politicians” rather than identify visionaries who will salvage our sinking boat with a civilize form of politics.

Since the transition to democracy in 1999, I have never witnessed an intelligent political debate between two opponents or parties in our political constituency. But there is evidence that in the past decade, we have witnessed the rise of “Isakaba politics,” “Ijebu politics,” “ogboni politics,” “Okpor politics,” “Odeshi politics” and “Igba taker” politics, whatever these means to the future of democracy.

Surprisingly, all these political undertakers using voodoo and necromancy to blind the conscience of the governed own satellites in their mansions and do subscribe to CNN and BBC channels. They know how politics is played in civilize societies. Politics is a debate of ideas. While such debates are usually rooted in interest, for the most part, are articulated and shaped by the power of ideas. In civilize politics, ideas rule. But what have they brought to us in the past 15 years – “juju politics”?

After 15 years of failure, we are gradually coming to the end of the road. But the end of this road marks the beginning of another journey. How we did in the past 15 years will determine whether the next 4 years should change or remain the same.

I believe the past 15 years have given us something to hold on to as we prepare to decide what happens in the next 4 years. Fifteen years is usually the period to graduate high school in Nigeria. At 16 a child is preparing to enrol in university. The question is, how possible is it that a child who failed primary and secondary school will excel in university? Wouldn’t the four years in university be another wasted years?

Politics is like education. I know of many people who were hanging out with friends at the University of Calabar. They attend lectures like the regular students. What happens in the end? They usually don’t have a story to tell because the real test of university education is not just your experience on campus, but most importantly the grades on your transcript. Why should we grant university admission to a child whose report card in the past 15 years is showing DANGER? Do we have so much time to waste in political experiments? We know the answer.

The truth is, political leadership is not about a position but the ability to communicate a vision that reflects your individual experience and party philosophy. Leadership is failing because the people we call “honorable” have failed to bring honor to politics. That honor comes not from their titles, but their vision and the power to deliver the goods.

I know tons of people that didn’t occupy a political position but are brilliant citizens nonetheless that come up with the cleverest solutions to problems affecting society. It means great minds are light. They are not hidden. They rise to the top regardless of the hatred, opposition and constraining fences mounting up against them. Great minds are great minds regardless of what they venture into. Fear is what kills greatness.

However, the greatest tragedy is when young people identify as party members and even fight to defend the interest of that party, yet have no inkling what that party philosophy is. My believe is if you think PDP will help our constituency, stay there. If you think APC is the way, join them. If there’s an individual who inspires you, support him or her to lead the way.

But this is not what we are doing. Rather I have seen the display of ignorance by people who believe in a one party dictatorship. They curse and fight everyone who chooses to join APC – a party whose philosophy they believe speaks to their personal values and interests. This is wrong. We have no right to interfere in people’s decisions concerning their political affiliation. Politics should be based on argument and personal conviction. If you think PDP or APC is the way, sell the party philosophy with reasonable argument rather than attacking people who chose to be different.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which political party you belong to, or the position you occupied. What matters is really simple: did you deliver the goods? Did you lead your party to bring hope to your constituents? This is where to draw the boundary between the past, the present and the future. If the past 15 years have brought nothing to the masses but hopelessness and joblessness, compounded with political intimidation, terrorism and harassment, then we may need to look unto the future with renewed hope.

The first thing is to identify with a party or an individual you believe will bring hope to the suffering masses. The judgment is yours. It’s time to wake up and wage war against voodoo politics, using the power of God. But God will not come down to fight our battle. He has given us the power of vision, the courage to fight. He has made us threshing instruments, and has armed us with spiritual protection so that no weapon fired from the pit of hell will locate us. Until a God fearing generation wake up to liberate society, we will continue to wallow in hopelessness.

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