Owan-Enoh: How Do You Trust A Man Who Isn’t Trust Worthy? BY MICHAEL ABUO

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By CrossRiverWatch Admin

It is no news that Senator John Owan-Enoh is declaring for the Governorship position in Cross River State today, Wednesday, 5th September, 2018 at Ikom local government area under the APC.

I have nothing personal against the Senator Owan’s aspiration or person but politically his declaration for the Governorship position is flawed. It is on record that I expressed my dismay/sympathy (and made moves against his exit) over his defection from the PDP.

A critical analysis of the under listed factors will open your/our eyes to certain realities that stare in our eyes truthfully and it is unadulterated as regards the flawed nature of his quest to be Governor:

1. Owan has spent 20 years in politics without a major impact in our state after receiving billions of Naira as funds for constituency projects/allowances. How many infrastructure has he initiated or set up? I think we should take him to court to account for funds appropriated to him for his/our constituency these years and evidence of the utilization of same.

2. Owan doesn’t and isn’t a proponent to making young people. Take a critical look at the people surrounding him these years how many persons has he developed to be financially stable/independent?

3. How many persons has Owan developed politically that have attained greater heights and still aligns, if any not just recently oh? Owan is part of those that use people and wants them to be servitudes in perpetuity. He is one of those who doesn’t support youths inclusiveness in Governance. One of his major grudge is the nomination and swearing in of Asu Okang (I may have and have expressed my differences with him but yet as a father, he should have sorted his differences with him) one of the young commissioner’s who is from his local government area.

4. He uses our monies to make new friends during every election only to dump them immediately after winning elections. My greatest shock in his schemes is the out turn of Comrade Dan Obo who defected with him and even resigning his appointment from Government for Owan but has now fallen out with him.

5. As Chairman of Finance and Appropriation while in the House of Representatives and now in the Senate, how many Cross Riverians has been helped by him to get placements in key federal parastatals? He specialises in handing out peanuts and low paid jobs.

6. After 20 years, no Obubra or Etung (His Federal Constituency) politician of note is still his follower because they have discovered his wickedness and ambition to be the only one to grow.

7. He connived with contractors to deny his community the only NDDC road project. There is thus no road to his village today.

8. He appears humble but is extremely proud and looks down on the poor and elders, a man who doesnt have respect for your leader, our leader and Governor has no respect for us all.

9. Owan who is popularly described as the Mugabe of Cross River State politics who will prefer to die in power or be forced out and calls those he dishes out handouts endemic parasites and liabilities should be retired after 20 years of abysmal and poor representation in Cross River… enough is enough!

10. He gets richer as those who receive his pittance gets poorer. Take a close look everywhere to confirm this. Cross River State will be poorer as he becomes even richer as governor.

11. He is Mr. Use and Dump.
He is Mr. Block Others.
He is Mr. Proud.

12.He, Owan has benefited from the PDP these years, all he is today is out of the contributive efforts of PDP these more than 16 years. How does he pay his party and all of us back? He parasitically dumbs them and opportunistically runs to APC. Owan has spat on our collective faces and should be rejected forthwith. His acts only smell of desperation and are signs of a power monger who will be ruthless if he is given power and his aim is totally and holistically selfish. He is after his personal interest.

13. Governorship has been zoned to the Northern Senatorial District and Senator Owan-Enoh is from Central which has enjoyed 10 years of democratic rule (Governor Ebri, 2 years; Governor Imoke, 8 years). The Central Zone is least favoured to produce a Governor in 2019 and it has been socially, spiritually and naturally sealed that Ayade who is from the North will serve his two terms and hand over to the South come 2023. This is a structure he too had aligned with before his selfishness, pride and greed got the most of him.

In conclusion, Owan isn’t trustworthy; we cannot support someone who is trading his known failure for our collective future. I call on youths of our states and our mothers and fathers and elders to continue to support the leadership of His Excellency, Senator Professor Ben Ayade as he strides for our collective good.

It is not Ayade’s fault that he is from Northern Cross River nor that he is Governor; it was ordained before the earth’s foundation was found, for God alone gives power and ask we respect, pray and support those he has given this power. He has his challenges and his strengths he cannot and will not do it alone. We should therefore give him our all and shun the overtures of few disgruntled and selfish elements. The only rescue we youths need right now is from the likes of Owan and his class of political Mugabe’s.

Prince Michael Nku Abuo is an aide to Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River on student affairs and youth mobilisation.

NOTE:Opinions expressed in this article are strictly attributable to the author, Michael Abuo, and do not represent the opinion of CrossRiverWatch or any other organization the author works for/with.

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One commentOn Owan-Enoh: How Do You Trust A Man Who Isn’t Trust Worthy? BY MICHAEL ABUO

  • Let me start by saying that, am responding on a neutral ground, I am neither an APC nor a card carrying member of the PDP but a professional in my area of competence.” My question is “Why the Political blackmail on Senator John Owan”?
    Of all the points listed in the narrative, point 13 is the only point that communicated maturity and reason he (Senator Owan) shouldn’t contest for the governorship seat come 2019, other points were drafted out of abhorrence/hatred and self-aggrandisement.
    We are talking about zonal arrangement to please the people at the expense of state development, we are all cross riverians and we should be fair to ourselves, Have we asked ourselves what has dragged the state so backward after Donald Duke’s administration of competence that was greatly admired and envied all over Nigeria and in the diaspora.
    Development shows that, unfortunately and sardonically, we never had very efficacious and potent political flotilla in form of an opposition political party in Cross River. The reason why?
    When I read from people still talking about zoning, I feel something is wrong with us. It shows that we need to re-negotiate the character of Cross River as a state.
    What is zoning after all? To me, I am less perturbed whether a person from North, Central or South becomes Governor, but anyone who comes should see his position to be that of development and not GHANA must GO approach.
    To me zoning is a contraption by the selective political god-fathers to have access to power and to continue the prowling, plundering and pillaging of tax payer’s money to their own egocentric benefit, to continue to masturbate themselves in the corridors of power.
    According to a famous law maker; After several years of backwardness we are still talking about zoning, is reflective of the fact that we still wallows in a state of menicisetal statetism , cankerous tribalism, ethnocentric chauvinism , syphilitic parochialism, epileptic nepotism, cataleptic parapoism and state brigandish,
    My candid closure……..

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