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Morality simply depicts or shows the values of an individual or group of persons. It helps make an individual or group of person’s conscious of the right way or a wrong way things are done. Also, it indicates what is good, virtuous, just, right or ethical ways for humans to behave, a moral person is one who not only knows what is right, but does what is right.

The neglect of morality is simply abandonment of what is true, right, just, and of good virtue. In Nigeria, we are governed with so many principles and standards of which most are solely tied to our values and beliefs, some which are cultural, religious, personal beliefs, etc.

A case study was made by Chauchan (2000), about placing identical twins in different areas, for instance placing one of the twins in a remote rural area with no social amenities; no good roads, no good water system, no good education, and also no care or love showered on that child, plus the environment is marked-out for violence.

This particular child would gradually and unconsciously adjust to this environment filled with deviant activities and it would make up a majority of this child’s behavior and personality, and all that seems right or just in his eyes may be deviant.

But in a case where a child is placed in a serene environment where all basic and necessary amenities are being provided, the moral standard is held in high esteem and there are so many laid down rules and principles which are strictly followed by the people around that area where all the child has ever known is good. This child will tend to act differently than the other despite being born of the same mother and are identical in every physical sense.

In other words, Morality is tied down to the nature or personality of a person as well as the environment in which that person finds himself. However, over time, morality can be imbibed by anyone who makes up his mind to do what is right despite his environment, background or his family.

There are several reasons people defy what is generally accepted as right or good which is based specifically on an individual, though these reasons are not justifiable because it counters what is right and ethical. For instance, the natural law and spiritual laws of the land coincides, and it says that ‘’thou shall not kill’’. Because this law is straightforward and has no bended sides and without exceptions, anyone who goes against this law face the full punishment for killing, so even if a man tries to justify his reason for killing and that reason seems soothing, appropriate or fair, it cannot be accepted.

Morality is like truth; it is absolute and cannot change because over an individual’s feelings or perceptions. Every behavior (moral or immoral) comes with consequences; like he who kills would be killed, he who steals or covet what does not belong to him would be locked up in prison to serve a term be it 1-2 years as the case  may be, etc.

In conclusion, the neglect of morality is what has thrown the world to where it is today where people do things without their conscience, where people hurt others terribly without thinking about the consequences.

Often, man always try to accredit blame to a spiritual force for doing wrong, but it is also clear without the consent of the mind no man will do wrong; even when the human nature always want to do wrong, discipline and determination to do what is right are powerful choices that can outweigh what is wrong, just like good always overcomes bad.

In life generally, every man that was ever recorded as good got his good reward and every man that was ever recorded as wicked got his reward. Despite the imperfect nature of man, our willingness to do good despite our nature that consistently urges us to do evil is like a seed which we plant in our daily living.

Every seed we plant must grow and germinate into something. Man can achieve more if he follows the right principles and do what is generally acceptable as good, just and of good virtue.

Morality is lacking in our society today which is why we see a lot of decadence in virtually all facets of life, we need to turn a new leave because that’s how our society will improve, because that’s how all the issues we see, read and hear people complain of over the media can be curbed to its barest minimum.

If we have at least an average moral conscious society many issues cried about won’t have a face, in my opinion no one is innocent of these guilt because in our homes and workplace, worship centres and so on we are culpable either in our thoughts, deeds or action and the only solution is to consciously define what is moral and immoral to us and deliberately strive on it else we are all stock.

Blessing Usani is a reporter of CrossRiverWatch and writes from Calabar, Cross River State Capital.

NB: Opinions expressed in this article are solely attributable to the author, Blessing Usani and do not in anyway represent the opinion of CrossRiverWatch or any other organization the author works for/with.

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