Chief Whip of Obudu Legislative Council Removed
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Chief Whip of Obudu Legislative Council Removed

by crossriverwatch admin

The Chief Whip of Obudu Local Government Legislative Council in Cross River State, Hon. Lizzy Udie representing Ipong Ward was this afternoon relieved of her position.

Crossriverwatch gathered from impeccable sources that the sitting today was hatched specifically for the removal of the young and outspoken councilor who is said to be one the few voices against the alleged profligacy of the council Chairman, Mr. Justin Ikwen.

A source in the House who spoke to crossriverwatch said “the Leader of the House deliberately avoided sitting today and left the stage for his deputy to avoid direct confrontation with outspoken Lizzy. Martin Orim, the deputy leader just stood up after everyone was seated and announced that he had a message from the Leader. He said the leader, after consultation with the LG Chair, the leaders of the party in the local government and other stakeholders, has come to the conclusion that Hon. Lizzy is rancorous, disrespectful, causing disaffection and incapable of continuing as a principal officer of the House”.

The source continued: “That was how her removal was announced to the surprise of everyone and Hon. Akomaye Utoda representing Urban 1 ward was appointed as the new chief whip. But we know that Hon. Lizzy’s problem is beyond this house. It is because of her young age and determined stand against the way the chairman has been wasting the lean resources of the council and how the leadership of the legislative chamber have been collaborating”.

In a telephone chat with crossriverwatch, Deputy Leader of the House, Hon. Martin Orim representing Alege/Obang Ward who chaired the session said: “Hon. Lizzy was removed because of her repeated neglect of official duty. Specific assignments have been given to her and she has refused to carry them out. She has also demonstrated absolute lack of respect for the House leadership evidenced in the embarrassing text messages she has been sending to the Leader. She also lacks the ability to control the House as a Chief Whip”.

But Hon. Lizzy in her reaction told crossriverwatch that she will let the sleeping dogs lie in the interest of peace though she knew her removal was illegal.

She said: “We just came out of a crisis and I would not want to stir another round of trouble. Even my colleagues know that I have the capacity to go to any length and fight this matter but I won’t do that. With or without the position I can still serve my people as a councilor”.

On the allegations of disrespect to leadership of the house and dereliction of duty, she denied ever abdicating any official duty assigned to her. She told crossriverwatch that what the leadership of the house termed as disrespect was her avid insistence on due process in the house.

“the law empowers us as councilors to ensure all monies spent by the council are appropriated for. But here in Obudu, we don’t appropriate anything. The Chairman is everything. He spends the council funds without appropriation and my colleagues feel we should all keep quiet and it is the same with several other things.

But when I try to insist that things must be done right, they conclude that I am disrespectful. Was I not elected here to come and serve my people”?

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