Sen. Ayade Visits Imoke in USA; Says: “I’ve Never Met Him Stronger Than This”
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Sen. Ayade Visits Imoke in USA; Says: “I’ve Never Met Him Stronger Than This”

by crossriverwatch admin

Crossriverwatch can authoritatively reveal that Senator Ben Ayade earlier today visited the Cross River State Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke in his home in Ellicot City, Maryland, USA.

Pictures of the visit which were exclusively obtained by crossriverwatch show the senator and the governor in a cheerful mood, sitting and shaking hands on a brown three-seater cushion chair by a window side.

Crossriverwatch findings reveal that contrary to speculations, the senator did not discuss his 2015 governorship ambition with the governor as his visit was said to be strictly on the health concerns of the governor who has been in the US for close to two months now.

Our source said the governor and the senator spent almost the whole day watching American footballers on television and chatted about the Calabar carnival.

He said the governor expressed satisfaction with the preparations and the outcome of the Calabar festival and was impressed with the organisers.

Our source who did not want to be mentioned because he was not authorized to speak on the details of the visit told crossriverwatch that: “the senator met the governor and they were both wondering from where rumours of his excellency’s so-called terminal ill health and even death emanated from. There were no discussions at all about politics or 2015. Not at all! It was a brotherly visit by the senator to see for himself whether rumours making the mills are correct.

“From what we saw, Imoke is a very healthy man. The Senator has spent the last two days with him. The Governor met him with a lot of smiles, love and warmth. The Senator expressed shock at the rumours about the governor’s health and said he has never met Imoke stronger than this. He actually came from to spend the New Year with his excellency.

“And his excellency is in a very perfect state of health. He has no issue of kidney failure. He only had issues of physical pressure and he needed to take some rest. It has not gotten to kidney problem not to talk of transplant.

“The governor was even joking that even if you show picture, people will tell you the picture was an old one that was manufactured. Because the rumours are so many”.

    • 11 years ago

    We thank God for everything!

    Say me Happy New Year to them all!

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