Cross River Online Journalists Meet on Saturday
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Cross River Online Journalists Meet on Saturday

by crossriverwatch admin

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A meeting of online journalists and publishers has been scheduled for Saturday March 8, 2014 in Calabar.

In a brief statement by the conveners, the meeting is intended to bring together all the sites, blogs and other online platforms that are projecting Cross River state or operating from Cross River state to a round table to discuss challenges of the practice and explore emerging opportunities.

In a notice of invitation, the conveners said, “The advent of the internet has completely altered the contours of journalism the world over and efforts have to be made to ensure that this tool is used to the best interest of society. We have carved for ourselves a niche by the interest we have demonstrated in projecting Cross River State through the Internet but there is a greater need for us to come together and build standards for our work.

“Due to the promptness with which news is broken online and the possible effect it has on society, there is a need for us to train ourselves, share our ideas and experience and self regulate ourselves with some kind of peer review mechanism to ensure that our work does not infringe on the peace of the society we seek to serve.

“We also have to collectively explore and maximize the opportunities that this platform has afforded by joining forces to create the desirable value”.

The notice added that the meeting is meant for all journalists who are publishing online or writing for online platforms whose focus is Cross River or are operating an online platform based in Cross River State.

Further information about the meeting can be obtained by mailing

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