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Deadline For Parents

family ties

I missed my deadline and I panicked, why? I have been one who criticises alot and to be on the spot and the receiving end hasn’t been a good feeling at all. Now, I sure appreciate editors and writers because I don’t see myself as one at all.

All I’m doing is putting my thoughts ànd yours to paper and bringing them to life. Easy right? I wish. I got talking with some friends and was telling them how difficult it must be for some who have to put their every waking thought out for others to read and most of all share.

I read a story told about a teen who committed suicide because his little home video was shared until it got to his parents. It’s rather unfortunate how we parents have forgotten so quickly how it was for us growing up. We have allowed technology take the very essence of childhood away from our growing kids. Our children have become anti – social, games like scrabble , monopoly, snakes and ladder and chess have become archaic to us not to talk of our children who don’t even know those games exist and it’s really a cause to worry about.

How intellectually sound will a child who is on the tablet playing games all day, all week be? If the child is not fiddling with a phone, he is looking for one to fiddle with. A teacher by chance was talking with me and expressed concern about the way things have changed even in schools.

She told me of a child who when he started with her class would always ask to play with her phone in class, and her refusal got back to the parent of the child. The mother came to her and asked how much the phone was that her son couldn’t play with it! Seriously!!! That’s a No No right there.

That child should be on probation, should be punished but NO, there’s no more corporal punishment like we used to call it, but more of bullying now mostly she says done by the children who have been made to feel by their parents that they are better off than their peers and the parents.

Why would any parent do that if it’s not because he/she has a complex? Your child when in school, is the responsibility of the teacher, who spends the most time with your children. Teach your children how to relate with any and everybody and growing up will be so easy but if at a tender age, they are taught how to discriminate, then we are in greater danger than we are right now.

Let’s take alot of things into consideration when it comes to our children. Who do you see in your child twenty years down the line? A positive contributor to the society or negative influence? Where are you today? Who are you today? What were the steps your parents took that influenced who you are today?

Are you passing down the legacy or do you think you are doing a great job in that child whom you are a caretaker for? We as parents have a huge task as caretakers and custodians and for the future of our children, we must start it right with them.

I watch alot of our Nigerian home movies, oh please, some of them are really nice you know. Anyway, that’s aside the point I’m trying to make. Most of the family oriented movies actually have a thing or two you can relate to.

A poor mother who encourages her son to work hard at the farm even though he is an undergraduate in the tertiary institution and as such is helping his mother at home too. How many of our children help out in the house chores? How many know what a market is like?

A Nigerian market I mean , where you bargain and haggle over things? How many know how to serve an adult? How many know how to hand wash clothes with the invention of washing machine and the dryer? There’s a whole lot of catching up we need to be doing with and for our children as parents and I tell you, it’s better late than never.

Thank you always for your feedback, it’s totally humbling the mails I get. Thank you for your encouragement, quitting now is more difficult knowing people look forward to reading my junk.

Have a blessed week ahead people and it’s as she says, do your best and forget the rest.

Drop me a note @ , I sure enjoy reading from you

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