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11 commentsOn Ayade Rebrands Logo To Mark Cross River At 50

  • The formal Logo do you know how it came about? Don’t even know the problem of people of this days oh! Instead of asking questions some are here talking shit…..hmm, may God help you all who sit there & deppreciate the work of others with your moribund comments!

  • The formal Logo do you know how it came about? Don’t even know the problem of people of this days oh! Instead of asking questions some are here talking shit…..hmm, may God help you all who sit there & depreciate the of others with your moribund judges

  • gov. Ayade fine we can see what u hv dont to cry river state as part of development u promise which is the rice milling factory, the germent factory and the power hplding station, ur truelly a Godsent, may u live long. But pls leave the flag for us the is was, but i will contribute to ur cloure bcos wen any flag carried red, it means the country dat owns the flag, war theirself to victory to gain indipendent, so i dont no wat red is doing in cross river state flag or are we going to fight war, but to me u can transfer the loggo to the flag to add prestish to the flag. Thanks for this adiuence, thank very much my dynamic, atticulating and vibrant governor. God bless u

  • Ok Na. Ayade dey fly him colour.
    Frat things. This is why you don’t bring a big head youth to do the work of an elder

  • We r in trouble in Cross river, I plead dt u leave our logo, Flag and Slogan and do another important thing pls, Bring Back Our Logo, (BBOL)

  • Comment…please that so called logo should not be use in anyform in this state. De govt should not use such means to promte dier fratanal activities,let dem wer it as dier uniform for coruption.

  • An idle mind

  • This is absolute rubbish. This doesn’t represent Cross River in any away, the red colour is out of context. The old logo represented our flora and fauna,depicted us as a tourist state, etc.

    This red colour and the bull doesn’t represent Cross River in anyway.

  • Rekpenii Omokwe

    Congratulations 2 CRS @ 50, bt i’ll advice dat d circle & d 18 stars together wit d bull be included in blue color into d white page of d blue white blue flag. Consider wat i say.

  • The purpose of this article is primarily to highlight the fact that as part of the celebration of the state’s 50th anniversary, the Governor and his Executive Council have created a plot to rob the state of her motto and logo which has been maintained since 1999 for the silliest of reasons. A government official told pressmen that the state colours will be changed in a few days from now ‘cannot be played around with’ hence the colours of red and white replacing the colours of blue and white. The new red and white logo also has a bull in the middle signifying the ‘energy’ behind the activities in the state and the 18 stars encircling the logo represent the 18 local governments of Cross River State
    Analyzing the changes and the reasons for them, you will see that the State Executive Council has no reason to change the state logo. They are simply looking for cheap things to do so as to mark the state’s golden jubilee. How can they change the state logo which is unique in all its ways into that new thing that looks like the logo of a secret fraternity? Already, the new colours are rather alarming and it is now topped off by a centralized bull, an animal which cannot be found in any of the 18 local government areas of Cross River State. The logo also lacks originality as this is not the first time that we are seeing a logo having stars in a circular pattern. This plot to rob us of our motto, our logo and what we stand for as a state is about to succeed and it is dismal. Our wonderful blue and white Destination Cross River Logo is soon to be replaced with a logo that resembles that of a secret fraternity.
    It is also worthy of note that in the press briefing, the state official said that the state motto is being changed to what we do not know of yet because there is no more ‘Destination Cross River’. How? He/she explained that Cross River State has already arrived at the said destination. That is not a topic to be discussed on this article, but do you also belong to that school of thought, that the state has arrived at its said destination? Plans are also in full swing to change the state flag to maybe red and white, it is yet to be unveiled. What is your take on the recent development on the change of the state flag, logo and motto Cross Riverians?

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