Gate Fees Will Discourage Raggae Fans From Calabar Festival – Raskimono
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Gate Fees Will Discourage Raggae Fans From Calabar Festival – Raskimono

by crossriverwatch admin

Nigeria’s famous Raggae Musician, Raskimono, has called on the Cross River State government to stop the introduction of gate fees at Raggae Nights during the Calabar festival to encourage fans of the reggae music genre to participate meaningfully in the subsequent annual fiesta.

The ‘A’ rated raggae maestro who led other raggae artistes to perform at the 2012 Calabar Xmas Raggae Night Concert told crossriverwatch in an interview that the organisers seem not to be noticing that the number of participants in these events is beginning to dwindle unlike what it was in the previous years.

He wondered why lovers of raggae in Calabar filled the U.J Esuene stadium in his last two performances in 2010 and 2011 but in 2012 the stands were scanty.

“I’m surprised to find that the stadium is half filled, before now it used to be full of rasta but I was told the organisers introduced gate fees. please I want to beg the government to look into this because the people who love raggae music are not money spenders, they are poor and free-minded people in the society”. He said.

“I commend Cross River State government for putting this show together, but they should please consider the lovers of raggae in the state because world wide, raggae has come to stay and Calabar cannot be different”.

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