GOTV Storms Calabar With Premium Channels
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GOTV Storms Calabar With Premium Channels

Mrs. Elizabeth Amkpa, General Manager, GOTV

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Mrs. Elizabeth Amkpa, General Manager, GOTV
Mrs. Elizabeth Amkpa, General Manager, GOTV

GOTV is adding pep, fun and glamour in Calabar with the introduction of its premium channels broadcasting on terrestrial platform.

The introduction of the channels during the yuletide season coincided with the annual Calabar Carnival with its marketers adorned in special attires to promote the product at the Millennium Park and the Calabar Municipality, centers for the annual funfair to display exciting dance steps to attract customers to their items.

GOTV joins the StarTimes which has been in Calabar for the past one month. Mrs Elizabeth Amkpa, the General Manager of GOTV told CrossRiverWatch that the terrestrial channels have something for every member of the family as it has in its bouquet entertainment, news, kiddies and religious programs that can keep every member of the family glued to them whatever their choice of prgrams.

She said the freuquent down pour in Calabar that usually interrupt transmission signals is a thing of the past with GOTV because it is transmitted on ground cable and not through satellite.

“GOTV is going to be bump because it is not subject to weather vagaries because it does not require satellite imaging in transiting signals”.

She said that the low cost of GOTV is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to watch digital television. “This is to ensure that the driver can have access to what his boss is enjoying in DSTV and the gateman can also own digital television and watch the European league and other international broadcast stations”.

Mrs Amkpa said GOTV came in to Nigeria two years ago and listed the cities where it has been launched to include Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Oshogbo, Ogbomosho, Akure, Onistha, Aba, and Uyo. “With the launch of GOTV in Calabar today, we are now in eighteen cities. This is in keeping with our commitment to entertaining Nigeria.”

She gave the cost of GOTV box as 5,300 Naira and a monthly subscription of 1,500 Naira. “Not only are we passionate about digital television but we are also keen in ensuring that everyone in Calabar gets connected that is why we are in the Calabar annual festival where the city is alive with fun because we provide top entertainment”.

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    I want to do business with Go t.v with my soap opera, i need the office addres and contact

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