2015: Cross River PDP Partners Security Agencies To Fish Out Cultists Amongst Aspirants
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2015: Cross River PDP Partners Security Agencies To Fish Out Cultists Amongst Aspirants

Joe Obi Bisong, Publicity Secretary, PDP, Cross River

by crossriverwatch admin

Joe Obi Bisong, Publicity Secretary, PDP, Cross River
Joe Obi Bisong, Publicity Secretary, PDP, Cross River

As various aspirants to elective positions in the 25 seats of the State House of Assembly, 8 Federal House of Representatives, 3 Senatorial seats as well as the governorship position continue to gather momentum in Cross River State, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in the State has strengthened its mode of operation to ensure that cultists do not find their way into public office through the party again.

Already ,the party gone into partnership with various security agencies,including the Directorate of State Security Services (DSS), Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA),The Intelligence Unit of the Nigeria Police, Nigerian Army amongst others to monitor the activities of the members of the party who are eying such sensitive positions.

The party according to CrossRiverWatch findings is working tirelessly to see that the era of using thuggery, cultism and other violent means to get into public offices is over.

It will be recalled that since the Imoke administration commenced denunciation of cultism as part of the requirement for holding public office from 2009, many cultists within the government have been greatly unsettled.

Findings also reveal that since the PDP chairman in the State, Ntufam John Okon, took over in 2012, he towed the position of the governor having witnessed the sanity restored in the system when he was the Clerk of the State House of Assembly.

An example according to CrossRiverWatch findings was when the chairman refused to bow to pressure from a known powerful cult group (name with held)to have its candidates foisted on the party during the last local government elections in the state.

Reacting to the exclusive findings of CrossRiverWatch,the State Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr Joe Obi Bisong confirmed them by saying,”If you have intention to contest election and you are a cult member, you better don’t even aspire except you denounce your membership because the party will disqualify you.

“Yes PDP has set up a structure in collaboration with the security agencies to fish out cultists amongst the members who are eying any political offices, they are under watch.

“They will be traced to their school days to know whether they belong to any of these anti social groups,but if they come out to own up by themselves they will be given soft landing by public denunciation.

“Part of the requirements introduced by our governor in Cross River State is that for you to hold any public office whether elected or appointed you must denounce cultism.” he said.

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