Goddy Agba Is A Member of PDP And Nothing Can Change That – Friends Of Jedy
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Goddy Agba Is A Member of PDP And Nothing Can Change That – Friends Of Jedy

Friends of Jedy Agba

by crossriverwatc admin

Friends of Jedy Agba
Friends of Jedy Agba

Friends of Goddy Jedy Agba have reacted to the statement credited to Ntufam John Okon, the Chairman of PDP in the state to the effect that Mr Goddy Jedy Agba is not a member of the party and as such not eligible to contest for the position of governor of the state under its platform.

Dr Sandy Onor flanked by Barrister Venatius Ikem, Mr Ernest Irek, Mr Bassey Okim and John Omori on Thursday afternoon in Calabar told pressmen that Mr Goddy Agba is a member of the PDP having registered in his Otugwang Central Ward in Obudu Local Government Area of the state when the party conducted its nationwide registration exercise.

“We have heard stories that the party registers were carted somewhere maybe the state chairman is saying that Goddy’s name has been removed but that will be unfortunate because we have a photocopy of the register and can defend his membership of the party.

Dr Onor who spoke on behalf of the group with others contributing occasionally said the comments by the state chairman makes him a partisan participant in a contest in which he should be neutral. “There have been a lot of comments by Ntufam John Okon, the PDP Chairman of our state; comments we did not expect to flow from a person holding such an exalted office and it is for the benefit of doubt that we are reacting to them”.

According to them, democracy allows people the freedom to associate and to pursue common goals but Ntufam John Okon has turned the party position he occupies to an organ of threat and not a platform to address party issues, “but we will not be intimidated by such threats rather we are strengthened in our pursuit to ensure Goddy Jedy Agba becomes governor of this state”.

The Group stated that Gordy Agba is for now the right person to become the governor of the state since he has his head above waters, the right contact, intellectual and technical capability to take the state to the next level.

“The State Chairman is isolating him for pillorying and that gives the impression that the capacity of the aspirant is so huge and is causing some people sleepless nights”. The Friends stated.

Dr. Onor said the Electoral Act in section 101 subsection 1 is explicit on what constitutes an election campaign and stated that they are not campaigning as claimed by the PDP Chairman as the office they operate from has no party logo, billboard, flyers and nothing to show that it is a campaign office.

“Ntufam John Okon is the one violating the Electoral Act by isolating one party member while campaigning for others and we see clearly where they are going and that is to suspend us but that will be unfortunate because we have internal processes for addressing such”.

The group concluded by informing the State Chairman that screening aspirants for the position of governor is not the sole prerogative of an individual but that of a zonal committee and therefore ridiculous for him to constitute himself to a one man screening committee in order to eliminate Goddy Agba from contesting election for the position of governor.

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    • 10 years ago

    Come rain come sun Goddy Agba is our next governor he capable and eligible for that seat.up jeddy up hon Ikem up hon Onor and the rest of Goddy Agba friends God be with you all.

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