Prince And Princess Pageant Will Bring Out Children’s Best – Ex Carnival Queen, Queeneth Orok
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Prince And Princess Pageant Will Bring Out Children’s Best – Ex Carnival Queen, Queeneth Orok

Queeneth Orok

by crossriverwatch admin

Queeneth Orok
Queeneth Orok

Queeneth Orok, the 2009 Carnival Calabar Queen spoke with CrossRiverWatch about herself and her upcoming Childrens Day Pageantry.


Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
My Name is Queeneth Effiom Orok , I’m from Cross River State Calabar Municipal. I grew up in Calabar and obtained my B.SC in Computer Science at the university of Calabar. An ex beauty queen from the Carnival Calabar Pageant 2009 and the founder of QueenlyKiddies Makeover, An established full service hair salon strictly for children. Since 2nd sept 2011 QKM tries all effort in making sure children of all ages have fun and pleasant experience getting their hair made. We also specialize in first haircuts and special needs children. We take all ages from babies to toddlers, teens, twins.

What is the motivation and significance of the Prince and Princess pageant which you are organizing?
From my experience as an ex beauty I have always wanted a platform where I could groom children, build up their self confidence, and eliminate timidity. Children’s day Prince and Princess is all about developing the hidden talent which their parents didn’t know and also encouraging parents to build up the talents for the kids.

What is your experience with the negative perception of our people to pageants?
In Nigeria generally everyone thinks pageantry is wrong. This is also to let people see the positive aspects of it by developing your child’s gift, you may never know what that child will become. It’s all about kids having fun on a day set out for them, May 27, Childrens Day; and the ages of kids contesting is from 3-10years.

What exactly are the children going to be doing?
Individual talent performance, dance, catwalk, etc

What is the sponsorship and sustainability plan for the pageant?
For now there are no sponsors being the maiden edition but we are hopeful that after this one, potential sponsors and brand labels will get involved. But we have Indomie noodles and other supporting kiddies stores in Calabar that are helping with gifts, clothings, etc.

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