Bakassi: Seadogs to March on Abuja Tomorrow
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Bakassi: Seadogs to March on Abuja Tomorrow

by crossriverwatch admin

Abuja chapter of National Association of Seadogs (Pirates Confraternity) has said it will embark on a peaceful protest tomorrow in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, to raise awareness on the current plight of indigenes of the disputed Bakassi Peninsula.

President of NAS, Abuja Chapter, Chief Ogbuehi Dike, said in a statement, yesterday, that the organisation owed the people of Bakassi and entire Nigerians a duty to bring to the fore the current plight of Bakassi people.

He said: “We will hold a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of the current plight of the indigenous people of Bakassi, the Nigerian enclave that was ceded to the government of Cameroon following the October 10, 2002 judgment of the International Court of Justice, ICJ.

“As an organisation, we have been involved in the fight for the betterment of human society through activities, including but not limited to the struggle for the emancipation of the people of Darfur in Western Sudan from suffering and persecution as a result of the lingering war there, via the Save Darfur Initiative in 2007 and 2008.

“We believe that as a Nigerian organisation, we owe the people of Bakassi and indeed the entire Nigerians a duty to bring to the fore the current plight of Bakassi people.”

The procession, he said, will take off from Ngozi Garden behind Tamara Guest House, Bamenda Street, Wuse, Zone 3, Abuja, at 12noon and en route Radio House to NTA Headquarters, Area II.

    • 12 years ago

    l commend the sea dogs for this initiatve. all nigerians must realise that the issue here is a national calamity. its not a cross river state matter. its about the territorial boundary of the nigeria state. the souvernty of the nigeria state and indeed our constitution has been subverted by the succession. the national assembly and other proactive forces must prove to the world that everything is wrong with the judgement and the entire process.nigeria labour congress this is the time to prove patroitism. thanks seadogs

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