Why You Have Never Made Money From Your Website BY DENIS ISONG

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Denis Isong
Denis Isong

The Truth They Desperately Want To Keep Secret

For some people the word internet sounds like strange language while to some, it sounds like what they understand but they can’t still figure out what is happening in there.

If you fall in any of these category, don’t worry again because I have decided to share my experience of using the internet to make money in this article; make sure you read to the end.

Let me ask you a question.

Apart from “rendering a service” and “Selling a product”, is there any other ways someone can make money on earth ?

Pause and think about it ….
The only way I know people make money whether online or offline is simple to “render a service” and also “sell a product”.

So if that theory is true let us import it to the internet.

The only way you make money on the internet is to sell or render a product or service respectively.

If you are not doing any of this, you will not make money. Even if you make money, it is temporary and you can’t create business out of it period!

If you agree with me let’s go deeper

This act of making money with the internet is divided Into 3 Categories:

• Selling physical products online: Such as house,cars, bikes, or sell any handy product on the internet such as hand phones, books, pets etc .

• Selling downloadable products online: Such as ebooks, software, music, photos or games etc

• Selling service online: such as tickets agent,website hosting, real estate agent, insurance agent , credit cards agent etc.

For you to sell the products or service you need to learn a skill and the skills is copywriting skill. This skill is very simple to learn but very powerful and dangerous because it can make you make a lot of money within few minutes of lunching any product.

Let us go deeper:
Copywriting is critical for success online in the current digital age. Design, content marketing, SEO, and growth hacking are all parts of a complete digital marketing plan, but copywriting is the glue that ties it all together.

Copy gives your design meaning and lays the foundation for your content marketing, SEO, and growth hacking. Writing better copy enables you to convert more readers into customers

What Exactly Is Copywriting?
Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action.

In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers. A sales team contact customers one at a time; a copywriter reaches all of them at once through billboards, magazine ads, sales letters, blog posts, and more.

Someone who have learnt this skill is call a Copywriter. Every entrepreneurs, founders, marketers, bloggers, or anyone else who needs to write a copy to reach a larger audience and to sell more effectively need to be a copywriter because you need this skill to sell more online and to get more people to follow you.

These Are Vital Reasons Copywriting Skill Is Important:

1. Most of your competitors ignore or underestimate the importance of writing great copy on their websites

2. The majority of copy, once written can be used, hundreds if not thousands of times

3. Every company needs great copy, no great companies operate without sale letters, email blasts, newsletters, or written communications of some type

4. If done right you can lower your refund rate and increase potential cross and upsells by connecting directly with the fears, needs, and goals of your clients

Copywriting is more important than EVERYTHING else in business:

So instead of you trying to learn to be SEO Specialists, Graphic Designers, Social Media Consultants, PPC Experts, Bloggers or Accountants I will advise you learn copy writing skill first.


Dennis Isong

Author:  Digital Persuasion

“I Teach Entrepreneurs How To Get More Customers And Double Their Sales Using Technology”


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